An explanation


The title of my blog might seem a bit abstract – but it’s taken from TS Eliot’s brilliant poem The Waste Land:

“At the violet hour, when the eyes and back

Turn upward from the desk, when the human engine waits

Like a taxi throbbing waiting”

I’ve pinched Eliot’s words because I haven’t come across a better description (and definitely couldn’t write one myself) of that feeling you get when it’s almost time to leave work, but you’ve still got a bit more to do before you can make your great escape. Especially when it’s winter, the sky is all lilac and purple in the dusk, and car lights are chained together in the traffic, exhausts chugging as you walk out into the night and weave your way in between the gaps. When you read back his description, it’s just right!

So, this title gives me poetic license to write about the things I look forward to doing in my free time, after work or at the weekend – eating out, having a drink, reading a book, watching a film, keeping up with the news.

After all, if we are defined by our work entirely, we are nothing more than a postscript on a clocking-in sheet, or the modern day equivalent, an electronic pass.

And who wants that?!