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London’s best 24-hour restaurants

Whether you’re on your way home after a few drinks, you’ve been working late and missed dinner, or you just really fancy some late-night (or very-early-morning food), here are London’s best 24-hour restaurants.… Continue reading

Top 5 new deep fried foods

Move along, Mars Bar. Step aside, saveloy. Here are the top five new deep fried foods you can find sizzling across the streets of London. Deep fried Oreo at Crispy Candy Crispy Candy… Continue reading

Top five London restaurants inside shops

When you’re busy shopping, sometimes you need a quick fix to keep you fuelled. Tastier – and much classier – than your average shopping mall fast food, here are the top 5 London… Continue reading

Top five places for chicken and waffles in London

London is the UK home of fried chicken. And it’s becoming increasingly common to find the soul food staple of chicken and waffles on brunch, lunch and dinner menus across the capital. Here… Continue reading

Bundobust’s new menu

I’ve been a big supporter of Bundobust’s winning Indian street food and craft beer combination since it opened (see previous blog post here), so of course I jumped at the chance to try… Continue reading

The Record Café

The Record Café opens its doors in Bradford today, offering up craft beer, ham, and vinyl. An excellent combination. And an excellent choice of location, too. North Parade, the city’s burgeoning Independent Quarter,… Continue reading

Bundobust, Leeds

Bundobust: from the Hindi band-o-bast (of Persian origin) meaning ‘tying and binding’. With a craft beer selection as good as this one, and vegetarian Indian street food as tasty and as innovative, Bundobust may… Continue reading

Brandon Street Night Market

Last night I dreamt I went to Berlin again. To a disused factory converted into an underground hipster hangout, no less. Except Brandon Street Night Market is in Leeds. In real, post-industrial, gritty, Armley,… Continue reading


Yesterday, I ate dinner next to a cow. On Lower Briggate. This wasn’t any cow. It was an uncommonly excellent Longhorn cow, called Sue. It was RARE. I thought I may as well… Continue reading

Gourmet junk food – what an oxymoron

It’s true, posh nosh of the takeaway variety really is 2014’s success story. It’s the manna of the hipsters, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Not living in London, over the… Continue reading