Homeless GoPro – San Francisco

I heard about Homeless GoPro via aimlessly reading the San Francisco Chronicle online. The social project’s tagline is “building empathy through firsthand perspective”. In San Francisco, the tech capital of America, using GoPros (cameras usually associated with extreme… Continue reading

Brandon Street Night Market

Last night I dreamt I went to Berlin again. To a disused factory converted into an underground hipster hangout, no less. Except Brandon Street Night Market is in Leeds. In real, post-industrial, gritty, Armley,… Continue reading

Everyone’s a photographer

What was the most talked about, shared and re-tweeted photo of the 86th Academy Awards? Was it Jennifer Lawrence tripping over her dress (again)? Was it Steve McQueen proudly scooping Best Picture for… Continue reading


Yesterday, I ate dinner next to a cow. On Lower Briggate. This wasn’t any cow. It was an uncommonly excellent Longhorn cow, called Sue. It was RARE. I thought I may as well… Continue reading

Gourmet junk food – what an oxymoron

It’s true, posh nosh of the takeaway variety really is 2014’s success story. It’s the manna of the hipsters, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Not living in London, over the… Continue reading

Pop-up Independent Trading

My feature in the latest edition of The Leeds Debacle looks at the collaboration, and competition, between independents and corporates in Leeds. On the first Saturday in December, traditionally one of the busiest… Continue reading

Can’t escape the past? Why of course you can!

The Great Gatsby’s success lies in the dazzling display of metaphor, symbolism and witty repartee Fitzgerald uses to draw the reader into the glitteringly dark world of 1920s America. Not the best premise for… Continue reading

A living history: 40 Years of Ilkley Literature Festival

“Ilkley,” wrote JB Priestley in the festival’s first programme in 1973, “is the right size for a festival town; large enough to provide various amenities, and small enough to stroll round and run… Continue reading

Everyday life and extraordinary art

Leeds Art Gallery plays host to the launch of a major international exhibition looking at the life and art of two of the UK’s most important 20th century painters, husband and wife Ben… Continue reading

Just keep chasing pages

Books. On a board game. Brilliant.