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Bundobust’s new menu

I’ve been a big supporter of Bundobust’s winning Indian street food and craft beer combination since it opened (see previous blog post here), so of course I jumped at the chance to try… Continue reading

Bundobust, Leeds

Bundobust: from the Hindi band-o-bast (of Persian origin) meaning ‘tying and binding’. With a craft beer selection as good as this one, and vegetarian Indian street food as tasty and as innovative, Bundobust may… Continue reading

Street art in Leeds city: Burning Candy 2014

Fittingly, in the week the eyes of the world are firmly focused on the streets of Leeds for Le Tour Yorkshire, the latest exhibition at Leeds College of Art showcases the best of graffiti and… Continue reading

Brandon Street Night Market

Last night I dreamt I went to Berlin again. To a disused factory converted into an underground hipster hangout, no less. Except Brandon Street Night Market is in Leeds. In real, post-industrial, gritty, Armley,… Continue reading


Yesterday, I ate dinner next to a cow. On Lower Briggate. This wasn’t any cow. It was an uncommonly excellent Longhorn cow, called Sue. It was RARE. I thought I may as well… Continue reading

Gourmet junk food – what an oxymoron

It’s true, posh nosh of the takeaway variety really is 2014’s success story. It’s the manna of the hipsters, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Not living in London, over the… Continue reading

Pop-up Independent Trading

My feature in the latest edition of The Leeds Debacle looks at the collaboration, and competition, between independents and corporates in Leeds. On the first Saturday in December, traditionally one of the busiest… Continue reading

Can’t escape the past? Why of course you can!

The Great Gatsby’s success lies in the dazzling display of metaphor, symbolism and witty repartee Fitzgerald uses to draw the reader into the glitteringly dark world of 1920s America. Not the best premise for… Continue reading

Faces: Anatomy of Autonomy

A new, interactive exhibition at Leeds Gallery looks at how we define ourselves – and how others define us. Making graphic art accessible for everyone, Lee Goater’s Anatomy of Autonomy uses a restricted… Continue reading

Belgrave: bringing the festival indoors

Located in the rapidly expanding ‘Northern Quarter,’ and so jostling for business with the likes of the newly-opened The Pit and It Bar, and popular drinking stalwarts Mojos, Sandinista and Reform, Belgrave Music… Continue reading